Project Overview: RTW Investments

RTW Investments is a investment company focused on emerging health care discoveries that help treat millions of people throughout the World. My initial phase of the project was to delve into research so I could gain a better understanding of who RTW Investment’s is, and what makes them special within the world of investments.

During the process of discovery, I was able to gleam unique characteristics about RTW Investments and ultimately, I used those revelations to craft the design of the site. RTW came with me in hopes of creating a fresh, modern, and functional website to help promote what their doing to the public and potential investors. From start to finish I helped create and develop the final result for RTW.


Website Design & Logo Creation


Website Design

What I Did

Responsive Web Design, WordPress Development, Logo Design

Color & Material

RTW Investments color palette is centered around a shade of blue. To compliment it I chose a yellow balance it out and give some contrast. The site uses a mixture of grays to give it a sense of sophistication and neutrality.

Primary Color


Accent Color


Typography Color


RTW Investment’s website redesign vs. old website.