Rocket Pharma is a bringing hope and relief to patients with undertreated rare diseases through the development and commercialization of curative first-in-class gene-modified cell therapies. Through user research and design I was able to create a brand identity and website that was both corporate and modern. Initially I started with market research. By researching competitive companies within the same field, I was able to gain a better understanding of who the client was and the type of world they operate in. Knowing their culture helped me create Rocket Pharma’s brand identity.


Website Design & Logo Creation


Rocket Pharma

What I Did

Responsive Web Design, WordPress Development, Logo Design

Style-Guide Draft

While the final brand of Rocket’s style-guide deviates slightly from this version, it was fun to create a more energetic and youthful draft during the research and design process.

Color Palette

Rocket Pharma’s color palette centers around a deep red color. To compliment it, I chose two variations of gray to use for typography and other elements on the site. The red indicates a strong, bold sense of purpose which is what drives Rocket Pharma’s mission forward.

Primary Color


Font Color 1


Font Color 2


Final Design Deliverables

The final design of Rocket Pharma was a bold and clean look. I incorporated white space and typography as key design elements in the final design, to keep it simple and easy to navigate.