Project Overview: Los Madres

Los Madres is a ficticious company I created in which I developed a business identify and invite for their grand opening.  Using a 3D printer to produce a projected stamp for the monogram, I was able to create a wax seal for the invite which conveys a more intimate experience for the recipient.

High up in the hills of Puerto Rico comes my inspiration for Los Madres, a family-run coffee plantation.  The crisp clean air flowing through the beautiful tropical landscape reflects the core values of Los Madres:  Family – Tradition – Community.  These three principles are what makes Los Madres such an exceptional brand of coffee.


Company Branding & Invitation


Los Madres

What I Did

Logo ideation, branding, print design

Color & material

The color palette for Los Madres is a combination of tones that convey a deep sense of color. The rich red color pairs well with tactile fabrics such as hemp and canvas, and the dark grey and black tones are easy to read on a wide variety of mediums.

Primary Color


Accent Color


Accent Color #2