Project Overview: EmpowHer Redesign

EmpowHer Institute is focused on the eradication of the dropout epidemic among Los Angeles high school students, especially low-income, minority girls in Los Angeles’ most disadvantaged neighborhoods. I was connected with EmpowHer through the Taproot organization. Upon hearing about EmpowHer’s cause, I felt moved to redesign their site pro bono.

Step one involved researching the organization and I did this through various interviews of people within the organization. This helped me gain a better understanding of what story the organization needed to tell.

During the project I collaborated with fellow Oregonian and current native to Los Angeles, Lauren Hurt. Lauren is a esteemed photographer in the Los Angeles area, and was as moved as I was with EmpowHer’s mission and donated her time to create amazing photos that set the tone for the site early on.

This project taught me the importance of giving back to society through design and I am proud to be but a small part of EmpowHer’s mission to help underserved girls in the Los Angeles area.


Website redesign


EmpowHer Institute

What I Did

Responsive website redesign, WordPress development

Color & material

EmpowHer Institute had a predefined primary color already in place. To compliment it, I looked to incorporate two other colors. One that was in the same realm of the red color, and a yellow to help bring in some contrast into the organization. Together, the three colors exude a lively energy that helps showcase their passion for what they do.

Primary Color


Accent Color


Accent Color #2



Open Sans


Website redesign vs. old site