Project Overview: Cupboard & Pantry

Cupboard & Pantry is a fictitious company I created based out of North Carolina. They specialize in infusing local flavors into their artisanal finishing and cooking salts. I carried over much of the Carolina landscape into the design aesthetic. Simple. Pure. Calm. These words always come to mind when I think of the Cupboard & Pantry brand.

Company Branding & Package Design


Cupboard & Pantry

What I Did

Logo ideation, branding, print design, package design

Color & material

The color palette for Cupboard & Pantry is a combination of soft pastel that colors that invoke a sense of clam and peace. The soft earthy colors tie directly to the North Carolinian landscape. The mixture between sand and sea were my main inspirations for this color palette.

Primary Color


Accent Color


Accent Color #2



Bw Glenn Slab