Project Overview: Catalyst Board Game

Catalyst is a board game I worked on in my collaboration class. The idea behind Catalyst is that the world has become uninabiltable, and Earth is running out of time. 5 factions currently rule the world, and the discovery of a new Earth-like planet has pitted the 5 factions against each other to lay claim to this planet.
The only problem is that the New-Earth planet needs it’s atmosphere to be stabalized. Using atmospheric isotopes, the faction with the most coordinates on the grid at the end of the game wins, and gains the right to claim the New-Earth.
My role in the project was team leader, and art director. I also designed the playing cards, and rulebook, as well as writing the content for the rulebook.

Board Game Design


Catalyst Board Game

What I Did

Photography, layout, game design, web design, print, branding

Color & material

The color palette for Catalyst is a combination of bright vibrant colors. The team decided that in order to help offset the blackness of space we would add exciting colors that would make the game feel more alive and invoking for the player.

Primary Color


Accent Color


Accent Color #2


Accent Color #2